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Chloe Burl Mirror Chloe Burl Mirror
Ave HomeChloe Burl Mirror
Sale price$1,595.00
Chloe Stool Chloe Stool
Ave HomeChloe Stool
Sale price$1,295.00
Lilly Console Lilly Console
Ave HomeLilly Console
Sale price$1,958.00

ave home

Ave Home (ah-vey) developed out of a passion for antique furniture and a desire to make classic design more accessible. Founded by Scott and Lisa Rickert, the New Orleans based company launched in 2016 with an assortment of living and dining room furniture. Today, Ave Home is expanding its product offerings with historically inspired pieces that are classic yet current – a mix of timeless silhouettes and exquisite finishes with modern elements.

Ave Home is committed to providing quality, well-designed pieces that our customers will cherish for years to come. Sophisticated, timeless pieces designed to elevate your home. Based in New Orleans, this premium brand is built on a passion for antique furniture and a desire to provide exquisite design at an accessible price point. From living room to dining room, their collection offers a mix of classic silhouettes and modern elements that will stand the test of time. Trust Ave Home to deliver quality and style that you'll cherish for years to come.