Laura Park Designs

Laura Park Designs

We are excited to announce we now carry the fresh new designs from Laura Park Designs at Laura Park's pillows, bedding, handbags, artwork and home decor products will bring a rich blend of personal narrative and artistic finesse to your home. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Laura's specialization in textiles infused with her self-taught artistic vision is sure to resonate with all of you who are seeking both style and substance in home decor. 

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We are pleased and excited to announce that we now carry the wonderful designs of Laura Park at Using her unique signature patterns that come to life on pillows, bedding, handbags, fabrics, wallpaper, paintings and home decor items, making use of fun and sophisticated colors and selections that will excite and and enhance your home for every room in the house. 

Laura Park's journey as an artist is truly inspiring. Her creative path began during her childhood spent in her grandmother's art studio, where she first delved into the world of color and painting. This early exposure fueled her passion for art, eventually leading her to pursue painting full-time starting in 2012. Drawing inspiration from her travels and personal experiences, Laura's artistic style began to evolve and gain recognition.

In 2016, Laura expanded her artistic endeavors by founding Laura Park Designs. This venture marked a significant transition from traditional painting to creating digital patterns based on her artwork, which she then applied to textiles. Her debut at the New York Now trade show proved to be a turning point, as her vibrant patterns caught the attention of the market. Initially starting with pillows, Laura Park Designs has since grown to encompass a wide range of products including wallpaper, lifestyle accessories, and tabletop décor.

Collaboration has been a key element of Laura's success, as she has partnered with various creative talents and brands such as Wildwood Home, Annie Selke of Pinecone Hill Pillows & Bedding, Dash and Albert Rugs, and Tart by Taylor, among others. These collaborations have not only expanded the reach of her designs but also brought them into new realms of interior and lifestyle products.

Laura Park's flagship store in Charlotte, NC, serves as a hub for her artistic vision and entrepreneurial spirit. It is here that customers can experience firsthand the vibrancy and diversity of her designs. Laura balances her artistic pursuits with family life, residing in Charlotte with her husband Trip Park, who shares her passion for art as a cartoonist, their four children, and three dogs.

Through her journey from self-taught artist to the founder of a thriving design brand, Laura Park exemplifies how passion, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive can transform artistic vision into tangible success.