Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Vietri Puccinelli Classic Glassware

For the most casual or elegant occasions, our Classic Glass delivers durability with style. Named for VIETRI's first agent, Fabio Puccinelli Made in Italy. Sorry, iced tea no longer available!


Items Available Price Quantity
Puccinelli Classic Clear Wine Glass
PGL-5220D Item (6.75" Height, 8-Oz)
Puccinelli Classic Clear Champagne Glass
PGL-5250D Item (9.5" Height, 11 oz)
Puccinelli Classic Clear Water Glass
PGL-5210D Item (7.5" Height, 13-Oz)
Puccinelli Classic Clear Double Old Fashioned Glass
PGL-5200D Item (4.75" Height, 14-Oz)