Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

La Rochere Bee Glassware

Proudly displaying the napoleon symbol of the bee, this signature glassware sets a joyful table. The collections' charming bees and pure, modern silhouette make this ultra-versatile set perfect for both casual and everyday use. Made in France since 1475.


Items Available Price Quantity
La Rochere Bee Tumbler ( Set of 6)
612101 Item (4.1"T, 9.1-Oz)
La Rochere Bee Wine Glass ( Set of 6)
611001 Item (5.6"T, 8.1-Oz)
La Rochere Bee Water Glass ( Set of 6)
637101 Item (6.3"T, 11.8-Oz)
La Rochere Bee Tall Carafe
705001 Item (10.9"T, 33.8-Oz)