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Autumn Decor

You're ready to treat yourself to some gorgeous new pieces this fall, but the latest approach to showcasing your collections might surprise you.

This autumn, it's all about creating the unexpected. Designers and homeowners are experimenting with colors, themes, and accessory combinations by gathering unique vignettes and displaying them in extraordinary ways.

Mixing and matching of accessories and patterns while considering the smallest details is key. Layering natural textures such as wood or metal is a popular option, as is mixing both modern and antique items to blend different genres together.

However, perhaps the most rewarding trend this year is the adoration of handcrafted pieces and personal collections. Hosts and visitors are looking for meaningful decorations that bear a significant story or character, or that simply add to a cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect opportunity to display your most beloved objects to add comfort to your space and conversation to your home.

While you are scouring for that perfect symbolic set of accessories, taking color into consideration is a simple yet bold method of showing off your trendy style. This fall, bright shades of pinks and blues especially are being used to pop against dark, neutral, and earth-toned settings. Marsala is another popular color taking over this season, offering a classic, yet grounding touch to any environment. Gathering several colorful pieces in a simple display, or even featuring one eye-catching item creates that sought-after daring contrast.

Autumn Decor