Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Vietri Regalia Goblets

Regalia The ornate emblems and decorations of royalty inspired this unique collection. Handpainted in 14-karat gold. Made in Poland. Handwash only.


Items Available Price Quantity
Vietri Regalia Aqua Wine Glass (A)
RGI-7620A Item (8.5"H,9.5-Oz)
Vietri Regalia Orange Wine Glass (B)
RGI-7620O Item (8.5"H,9.5-Oz)
Vietri Regalia Cream Wine Glass (C)
RGI-7620C Item (8.5"H,9.5-Oz)
Vietri Regalia Purple Wine Glass (D)
RGI-7620P Item (8.5"H,9.5-Oz)
Vietri Regalia Four Asst Wine Glasses
RGI-7620S Item (Set of 4 Asst;8.5"H,9.5-Oz)