Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Vietri Optical Swirl Glassware

Inspired by the white-capped waves on the blue seas by Pompeii, Optical Swirl's frosty, etched designs offer a subtle spin on simplicity. Made in Naples. Also available, not shown, is small bowl. Please select DOF, highball, wine, water, or champagne. Dishwasher safe.


Items Available Price Quantity
Optical Swirl DOF Glass (Set of 4)
OPS-8812 Item (4"H, 10 oz)
Optical Swirl Highball Glass (Set of 4)
OPS-8813 Item (5.5"H, 14 oz)
Optical Swirl Wine Glass (Set of 4)
OPS-8820 Item (9"H, 9 oz)
Optical Swirl Water Glass (Set of 4)
OPS-8810 Item (9.5"H, 11 oz)
Optical Swirl Champagne Glass (Set of 4)
OPS-8850 Item (9.75"H, 7 oz)
Optical Swirl Small Glass Bowl (Set of 4)
OPS-8830 Item (5.25"D, 2.5"H)