Vietri Collections

Vietri Collections

Vietri, named from the town in Italy where it is made is handcrafted from the soils of the Italian countryside by artisans who know and love their craft. Founded by a mother and her two daughters, Lee, Susan and Frances Gravely, who by happenstance enjoyed a trip to Italy and during lunch, the three women found themselves captivated by the hotel's colorful, handcrafted dinnerware.

Growing the company since 1983, Vietri now uses over 140 Italian artisans to create stunning Italian stoneware, glassware, flatware, vases, urns and linens. Their ever-popular and beloved pattern Old St Nick is created by artisan Alessandro Taddei. from Martignana, Italy. Maestro Francesco Venzo from Nova, Italy is the artisan behind Incanto and Forma. His dedication to experimenting with shapes, glazes, clays, and firing temperatures marries traditional artisanal techniques with advanced technologies.

Exuding style, taste, and superb quality, Vietri keeps evolving with today’s lifestyle. We are proud to offer the complete line of this un-paralleled line and can’t wait to see what they will create next.


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