Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Optical Aqua Glassware

Add a fresh pop of color to your table with the Optical Aqua Glassware. Handcrafted by artisans in Naples, the glass has elegant lines and a substantial weight that gives the sense of timeless crystal. Please select DOF, highball, wine, water, or champagne. See sizes and prices below.


Items Available Price Quantity
Optical Aqua Double Old Fashioned (Set of 4)
OPT-8812AQ Item (4"H, 10 oz)
Optical Aqua High Ball (Set of 4)
OPT-8813AQ Item (5.5"H, 14 oz)
Optical Aqua Wine (Set of 4)
OPT-8820AQ Item (9"H, 9 oz)
Optical Aqua Water (Set of 4)
OPT-8810AQ Item (9.5"H, 11 oz)
Optical Aqua Champagne Glass (Set of 4)
OPT-8850AQ Item (9.75"H, 7 oz)