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Lynn Chase Porcelain Harmony Bowl

The shape of the Harmony bowl is a replica of the bowl from the Chinese Han Dynasty and is an amazing 15 inch in diameter; very difficult to duplicate today. Hence each bowl is hand made in Portugal. The red, yellow and blue "dental" marks are reminiscent of a design element used in early 18th century European porcelain. As an avid wildlife conservationist, Lynn's art depicts species from the 7 continents. An Axis deer from India, a Panda from China, a Cockatoo parrot from Australia, a Bobcat from the Americas and so on- not to mention flowers and bugs! The interior of the bowl represents wildlife from the oceans. It is a salute to the seas. From a dolphin, angel fish, sea turtle to coral reefs. Lynn was born under the sign of Cancer- July- the sign of the crab. This unusual bowl has 24 K burnished gold. Striking from every vantage point and impressive in size and scale, the Harmony Bowl has a 15” diameter. Click the arrow on the screen for a 360° View of the magnificent Harmony Bowl.


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