Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Elegante Swirl Wine Glassware

The Elegante Wine Glass features a glowing, geometric design. Painted in 14-karat gold, this glamorous drinkware makes an elegant statement on your table. Mix one design with the other designs, or set a whole table with same for a streamlined look. Please select swirl, grid, lattice or net design. Sets of 4.


Items Available Price Quantity
Elegante Lattice Wine Glass (Set of 4)
EGT-7620C Item (8.5"H, 8 oz)
Elegante Net Wine Glass (Set of 4)
EGT-7620A Item (8.5"H, 8 oz)
Elegante Swirl Wine Glass (Set of 4)
EGT-7620D Item (8.5"H, 8 oz.)
Elegante Grid Wine Glass (Set of 4)
EGT-7620B Item (8.5"H, 8 oz)
Elegante Assorted Wine Glasses (Set of 4 Asst)
EGT-7620 Item (8.5"H, 8 oz)