Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Calaisio Round Soup with Pillivuyt Dish

Naturally elegant and extraordinarily durable, this rattan-look soup is woven from "vignes d'eau" (water vines). Growing only in mountain jungles on remote islands in the South Pacific, the vine is difficult to reach and challenging to harvest but, once reaped, grows back quickly, leaving no damage to ecologically sensitive forests. Each piece comes with a tag signed by the artisan who wove and finished it by hand, indicating how long the piece took to complete. Earnings from weaving help lift craftsmen and their families out of subsistence living and provide them with better food, healthcare, and transportation. Handcrafted of water vines. Available in 2 sizes. See below.


Items Available Price Quantity
Calaisio Round Soup with Pillivuyt Dish (Small)
PRO9S Item (6.5"Dia x 3.75"H)
Calaisio Round Soup with Pillivuyt Souffle Dish (Large)
PRO9L Item (7.75"Dia, 4"T)