Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5, a New York City based manufacturer of kitchen tables, chairs, mirrors, porcelain, and unusual accessories bring a certain updated appeal to both modern and traditional home furnishings.

Led by a diverse team of talented designers, such as Luca, who started out working for many of the leading New York City designers, as well as Marina, an interior architectural designer, who previously worked for well-known designers such as Naomi Leff and David Kleinberg, giving them great design versatility.

While Bungalow 5 designs are heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western classical archetypes, they are informed by a modern sensibility to silhouette, material, and color. The Hallmark of a Bungalow 5 piece is that it fits in as comfortably in a traditional kitchen as it would in a modern LA loft.

Repeatedly featured in top national magazines, such as Traditional Home, Elle Décor, Coastal Living and Veranda, the editors usually get it right! Most of their pieces are hand crafted in solid woods and then professionally lacquered that creates a durable, kid friendly product that endures the test of time.