Arte Italica Verona Red Wine Glass

Arte Italica Tuscan Canisters by Arte Italica

Three assorted canisters by Arte Italica in a creamy white ceramic with hand-finished pewter base, lid and seal, creating a stunning marriage of light and shadow. Zucchero (Sugar), 9 1/2"H. Farina (Flour), 10 1/2"H. Biscotti (Cookies), 12"H. Handcrafted in Italy. Lids have airtight seals. Hand wash. Sold seperately.


Items Available Price Quantity
Arte Italica Zucchero (Sugar) Canister
P5124 Item (9.5" x 7"; 1.5-qt)
Arte Italica Farina (Flour) Canister
P5125 Item (10.5" x 6"D; 2-qt)
Arte Italica Biscotti (Cookies) Canister
P5126 Item ( 12" x 7"D; 3.5- qt)